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Basic Semantics Register

The examples below use definitions drawn from  the Basic Semantics Register (BSR), now under review in ISO. BSR has been compiled in the context of Electronic Data Interchange plus GILS. The content in these examples is drawn from a database containing the BSR compilation by Denis Hill, with selection on only the BSR entries marked "under review" and with minor editing to regularize text formatting.

BSR at present contains a few thousand "Concepts" and "Units". In these examples, a BSR Concept is equivalent to an XML Schema "Type" and an RDF Schema "Class"; a BSR Unit is equivalent to an XML Schema "Element" and an RDF Schema "Property".

The root of an RDF Schema tree is required to be the special concept called "resource". The root of an XML Schema tree can be any Type or Element; in these XML Schema examples, the root is called "rootType".   

It is a principle here that a hierarchical tree can be formed among BSR Concepts, XML Types, or RDF Classes. The presumption is that any sub-type or sub-class is derived by restricting the meaning of the parent concept. A BSR Unit, XML Element, or RDF Property is always treated as a terminal node of the tree. At this node, a conceptual type or class is married to a representation type or class.

Here are two example Semantics Registers: BSR and the GILS subset of BSR. These Semantics Register schemas are designed for use across applications. The entries in these schemas would typically be referenced by other schemas, such as those given in the application examples for the GILS subset of BSR (e.g., English or French tags in XML, ASN.1 identifiers, Z-tokens for HTML).   

The following schemas are designed for use in particular applications, typically by simply citing the schema in an XML Namespaces attribute of the top-level element. (see Example Application of a Semantics Register). The semantics of each element or property in these schemas are referenced to one of the definitions in the GILS subset of BSR.

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